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English-language reports (7)

Here you will find our English-language reports. The target group are foreign visitors who wish to explore the Dutch market. (Use this form for assistance with ordering or subscribing.)

25 november 2013 Onderzoekskosten: € 49,00
The Face of Infor

A quick dia presentation

This 20 dia presentation comes with our latest report on Infor and guides you quick and easy through the headlines of the subjects discussed. The presentation focuses on Infor Worldwide and Infor in the Netherlands. Watch how Infor sees itself and the recommendations of AME Research to improve customer interest worldwide and in Holland. It is based on desk research about Infor in its environment and a discussion with local management of Infor. meer

21 april 2013 Onderzoekskosten: € 119,00
Trends in e-commerce 2013 and beyond

Pension funds should buy TIE KINETIX shares

Dutch Institutional investors should buy shares of the leading Dutch e-commerce software company TIE KINETIX if they intend to boost high end employment in The Netherlands. meer

14 november 2012 Onderzoekskosten: Gratis!
iPad mini best but least innovative tablet

It’s lacking Magic

Salomon Meij wrote an iPad Mini review. “With the display, software and the Smart Cover underwhelming, the whole device must be a bit of a bust, right?” meer

23 april 2012 Onderzoekskosten: € 129,00
Qurius has laid foundation for further recovery

Transformation to sustainable enterprise takes time.

Software manufacturer and Microsoft service provider Qurius has returned to its roots. meer

21 mei 2010 Onderzoekskosten: € 650,00
The Dutch Venture Capital market 2010

Great opportunities for foreign investors

Sufficient funds for expansion, restructuring and buyouts, shortage of seed funding meer

24 maart 2010 Onderzoekskosten: € 1.239,00
Benchmark report business software 2010

Revenue trends remain flat

ERP+ license sales plummeted almost one fifth in 2009, recovery to be difficult meer

6 februari 2010 Onderzoekskosten: € 1.199,00
The Dutch ICT Services industry 2010

An English introduction to the Dutch market.

This report provides insight into the Dutch ICT Services marketplace. meer

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